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3 reviews for Zkittlez Gelato #41 Zushi

  1. GelatoDreams

    Smells amazing. Mix of gassy Kush and sweet mints.

    Tastes the same. Gassy Kush with a sweet mint exhale.

    Effects are immediate behind the eyes and very spacey. Body relaxing effects too.


    For that you need go

  2. bigdiesel1984

    I grabbed two eighths of this same exact batch. I don’t know if it’s me or what but it’s super harsh and sour. The high is fine but the taste just isn’t there for me. Super dense, cure is on point and smelled good.

  3. GelatoDreams717

    I thought it Tasted like Animal Cookies and mint. Smells amazing and very funky and gassy grounded up. Idk bro. I enjoyed it a lot.

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