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9 reviews for Yellow Zushi

  1. Jacob

    Mmm haven’t had some Yellow Zushi in a while . Can’t wait to scoop this.

  2. Barrychori

    Hell yeah that’s always a killer strain love Yellow Zushi ????????????

  3. Charles

    pretty good and delicious.

  4. Smokeyyy fl

    Yellow Zushi was amazing. I tasted it yesterday. my all time favorite. I’ll give it a 7-10!

  5. marquitaud16

    I tried Yellow Zushi, for help with acute back pain and sleep. I have smoked it four times infrequently, perhaps I need to be more consistent. No impact whatever, other than good taste and feeling drowsy throughout the following day.

  6. Damongew

    love me some Yellow Zushi!! pretty good stats, too!

  7. MorganAG

    For me this still remains my best exotic

  8. airboy94

    Definitely worth it.

  9. DonaldFug

    Yellow Zushi. Cure all for headaches, stomach issues, and just about anything that ails you. Classic strain. And of course in a cone

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