Fryd Disposables. FRYD liquids is brewed and packed in Los Angeles, California, FRYD liquids brings amazing carnival styled treats that will tingles your senses with the tasty flavors of your favorite boardwalk treats. Who does not enjoy fried desserts at their domestic carnival or fair? Most of us there do enjoy them. FRYD liquids realized our wishes for this treat. That is why they created their amazing line of carnival styled dessert vape juices. FRYD liquids know how you want it. Directly from the deep fryer into your hands, they give the answer to your desert vape cravings. Fryd 2 gram Liquid Diamond + Live Resin Disposable


Wild Baja Blast, Watermelon Gushers, Tropical Runtz Punch, Lemonberry Tartz, Purple Pop Rocks, Pink Guava Gelato, Peach Rings, Berry Blow Pop


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