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bay life ice cream kush

Ice Cream Kush – Bred by Parad Seeds, Ice Cream Kush brings the heat as an award winning cultivar to the Bay Life line up. We love the flavors of vanilla, the skunk nose, and the easy going comfortable high that Ice Cream Kush brings to the table.


1 Pack, 2 Packs, 5 Packs, 10 Packs

8 reviews for bay life ice cream kush

  1. DieOreeUh

    It’s pretty good! Smells just like what you’d expect from a good batch of bay life kush. Extremely sticky!! Decent flavor with it too

  2. HumbleTrifle2951

    Everything I’ve gotten from you has been so full of flavor, I haven’t gone to anyone else in the past few months

  3. StoneyBeached

    Nice. I have some delivering tomorrow morning, haven’t tried it yet but looks great.

  4. GDP726

    Taste soo good reminded me of smarties candy lol so sweet

  5. miller

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but your bay life kush was good tho.

    had to come say something send some to NY

  6. ybulovepink

    Bay life always hits. Smoked his last round of ice cream kush tonight. Gas ⛽️

  7. Pizzamanbro

    Bay life ice cream kush is the dominant terp which promotes relaxation and anti inflammatory effects. Carophyllene the other dominant terpene promotes relaxation with anti inflammatory properties. Terpenes are more important than thc %

  8. KirksShadow

    Looks like a tidal wave overcoming a tropical island.

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